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* 2018 Windy City Championships Rules


Light-Contact Sanda

Mandatory protective equipment: Head gear, mouth guard, groin cup for males, foam gloves (preferred) with no exposed fingers, and foam foot protectors (preferred) that cover entire foot. Shin guards & chest protectors are optional.

Competition format:

All matches are single elimination consisting of three rounds of running time. The time is stopped for injuries or equipment adjustment. At the end of each round the winner of that round is declared by the decision of the majority of the judges. The winner of two out of three rounds wins the match. If a competitor wins the first two rounds the match is over with that competitor winning the match. Coaching is NOT allowed.

Match Length:

Note: If the score is tied after three rounds then the Center Referee will break the tie and declare the winner

Progression of match:

Legal contact targets:

Allowable techniques:

No contact area:

Note: Any contact to any of these areas may result in immediate disqualification

Illegal techniques:

The following infractions will result in a warning:

· No Coaching

The following will result in immediate disqualification:

Determining Grand Champions For Light Contact Sanda

Advanced male 1st Place winners for the 11 yrs & under and 12-17 yrs divisions will compete against each other in those respective age groups to determine the Light Contact Sanda Grand Champion. Winners of each adult advanced male weight class will compete against each other for the title of Grand Champion Light Contact Sanda. Winning by default (unopposed) is not allowed as there must be at least one other competitor in your category, for you to compete with, to win the title of Grand Champion. 


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