* Grand Master Ark Y. Wong

Grand Master Ark Y. Wong

1902 - 1987

Ng Yin Ga - Ng Ga Kin

5 Animal - 5 Family Style Southern Shaolin (Sil Lum) Kung Fu and Weapons

Dragon - Tiger - Leopard - Snake - Crane * Hung - Choi - Li - Mok - Fut

5 Animal/5 Family style is a southern longarm system of Chinese Kung Fu. This style was created by 5 Sil Lum (Southern Shaolin) Masters from Guantong Temple, in Canton, China. It was passed from

Lam Ark Fun, to Ark Y. Wong who brought it to the USA in 1920, sadly passing away in 1987

Ark Y. Wong - Ralph Shunn - Sam Lim - Scott Winokur = 3rd Generation Instructor

Ark Y. Wong - Melvin Armstrong - Joe Hall - Scott Winokur = 3rd Generation Disciple

The 5 Family Styles of Ng Yin Ga-Ng Ga Kin

Fut Ga - Lau Family

Open hand techniques including palming, slicing, and slapping movements

Hung Ga

Punching techniques using directness of power, and strength

Choi Ga

Uses medium range stances, for quicker transitions, and faster closing techniques

Li Ga

Unique blocking/parrying techniques with enhanced grabbing movements (Chin Na)

Mok Ga

Completed the system by adding stealth and shadow kicking techniques

This complete system incorporated Mental and Physical Training, Chi Kung (Energy Breathing Exercises), Traditional Kung Fu Philosophy, Acupuncture/Acupressure, and Herbal Medicine


Ng Yin Ga - Ng Ga Kin also incorporated the 5 Original Animals of Shaolin Temple -


Leopard - Pau Ying

Used to build the stances and leg strength, and hand speed

Crane - Hok Ying

Used to develop precision, accuracy, and building the Chi

Tiger - Fu Ying

Used to build the bones of the body

Snake - Shi Ying

Used to increase ones breathing and enhance the Chi (bio-electrical life energy)

Dragon -Lung Ying

Used to build ones spirit of mind and body harmony, to ride the wind

* 5 Hand Sets for Beginning and Intermediate Levels:

Salute Set (Jow Ton Kuen), Small Cross (Siu Sup Ji Kuen), Combination (Won Hop Kuen), Black Bird (Sil Ying Kuen), Butterfly Palm (Wu Dip Kuen)

* More Intermediate, Advanced, Black Forms- Goddess Palm (Goon Yum Jeung Kuen), 5 Animal Form (Ng Gar Won Hop Kuen), Buddha Palm (Fut Jeung), more

* 5 Animal Forms-Dragon Form(Lung Ying Kuen), Tiger Form(Fu Ying Kuen), Leopard Form(Pau Ying Kuen), Snake Form(Shi Ying Kuen) Crane Form(Hok Ying Kuen)

*Advance forms Master Black-Eagle, Lion, Elephant, Monkey, Horse, Panther, and Tai Chi, (Other Master Forms - Unknown) there is always more to learn...

Characteristics of 5 Animal/5Family Style based on

Balance, Speed, Accuracy, Power (both Internal & External), Intent, Body Expression, Applications, and Creativity

Weapons: Single, Double, Short, Long, and Flexible Chinese Weapons are used in this traditonal 18 Shaolin Weapon system