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The Circle Square symbol in our Xing Yong Chi Lu Chuan Baat Ying Ga Kung Fu system you learn at MCMAC. This symbol has many revealed as well as hidden meanings. When we begin to learn martial arts whether it is kung fu, yoga, violin, or other instrument there is a procedure to learning. First you learn the notes or learn the pattern, next you know the notes by heart or one will know the pattern. Now you really begin to learn as you understand the form, you have made a change in yourself (Disciple level), and learned many new exciting things and discovered awareness either external or internal (it depends on the person). Last you master the notes or the master the form, but one never truly masters anything because Mastery Is A Road Not A Destination… If we break this symbol down we see a square which = Balance, the arrows face right the correct way to travel with the Sun. Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding relate to ones Intellect, ones Emotions, and ones Actions. You learn once, know twice, discover three times, connect four times, and unify five times. We always go forward we never go back, your sash changes from the left to the right. It takes four animals to contain the tiger. Every level of training goes through these four stages, the circle is hidden from the outside and unattainable, but there is a small opening in which to get in. Light is hidden in darkness, and darkness conceals the light. One must control their own physical nature (our human four natural elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), to relate with their own spiritual nature. Most anyone can learn the information but few can understand the material. The student who knows the pattern may someday master the form. A student who hardly knows the pattern may have trouble understanding the form (applications, etc.) the same as one who barely learns the pattern will have a difficult if not impossible task of mastering the form. So we see that each stage of learning, understanding, and even of mastering anything is on multiple layers and levels and is subject to comprehension based on ones current level of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding or that information being passed either written down, or spoken orally the old way from master to student. We all must swim against the current until we have achieved our goal of a Black Sash (Sifu Level), or beyond it is up to each individual to sink or swim and reach the level of our convictions. For more information on this Circle Square symbol as SiGung Sifu Scott


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