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State Games of America

Andrea Gray Intermediate, who learns Lung Lum Pai Dragon Style Kung fu here at MCMAC, won 2 Silver Medals at this National Martial Arts Tournament held in Colorado Springs, Colorado Saturday August 1, 2009. Andrea won 2nd place in forms with Mountain Dragon plants a tree, and a 2nd place medal in Intermediate Women’s Sparring. Andrea and her family Charles her husband (White Willow style), and her son Tyler (8 Animal Kung fu) have all represented our school at various, local, regional, and national martial arts competitions held in the United States of America. Great job and thank you for your help in keeping MCMAC on the martial arts map. Master Ray Hildreth’s Tulsa Chinese Open is scheduled for September 19, 09 those interested students contact me ASAP if you wish to compete at this event…Look on the events page on our site www.kungfukc.com all the information is listed, this is a large tournament with many different events Look if interested or ask someone who has attended this long-running tournament.


Happy Birthday Sifu Leslie Goad, Monday August 10 , 2009. Sifu Leslie will celebrate her (unknown #) Birthday, we at MCMAC wish her a Happy Birthday and long life. Sifu Leslie has a Black Sash in Xing Yong White Willow Kung fu and its weapon system. She is also the highest ranking Lung Lum Pai Dragon Style student. In addition she is also an intermediate Green Sash in 8 Animal kung fu and its weapons, and holds an Apprentice Black Sash in Xing Yong Chi Lu Chuan Kickboxing. Leslie taught our Kardio Kung fu Aerobic Kickboxing for several years, and is part of our Women’s Self Defense Demo Team.  Happy Birthday on August 14 to Aimee Carper, from Tai Chi Class, again Happy August Birthday’s from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center.




Upcoming Free Women’s Self Defense Seminar in October 2009, Want to help out ask SiGung Scott Now to be on the Women’s Self Defense Demo Team. Below a picture of some of our valuable Demo Team Members, This is special training to help others,  please sign up to help those less fortunate than yourself, learn valuable empowerment skills to last a lifetime…. Join our team Now,  ask SiGung Scott or other Assistant today.


Our Women’s Demo Team after teaching a Free workshop to local Women, long time assistants include Sifu Chad, Sifu Leslie, Sifu Wade, Sifu Jason, new Dan B, Aaron C, Shawn C, and of course SiGung Scott creator of Women’s Self Defense Tactics,. Join the Team now and help out to empower Kansas City women to overcome obstacles. Picture taken outside at Trailside Center in Kansas City, Missouri – May 2009, We promote and educate the public as to the values of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and weapons training.

“We Want a Drink”

Deer’s place an order at drive through window see picture left




Try Kickboxing/Sparring Class this fall, it is offered on Thursday night 8-9 pm the first class is Free with Sifu Scott approval. Normal rate is $15 per month, and you will need to buy your own gear after a reasonable amount of time. Pay $5 for use of school gear, class burns lots of calories and is continuous sparring, and not usually points unless preparing for a upcoming sport event or other point fighting tournaments. San Shou full contact sparring is also available as we have a few fighters in that genre. Come and try it or just come and watch, many tournaments are coming up this fall and into winter months, get ready now!

* Try a Free Class of a different program offered at MCMAC ask today… we have wide variety of programs to choose from, look at curriculum page on website…

Iron Palm Training starts again in August and is the last time it is offered this year and is for all Adult students who want to learn ask SiGung Scott about this training. This is one of the 18 Skills of our Shaolin Kung fu training. Level 1 and 2 training starts soon if you are interested.  This 6 week class includes special breathing techniques called Chi Kung and special linament called Dit Da Jou or palm linament for protecting your hands from injury.  MCMAC offers several levels of Xing Yong Chi Lu Chuan Baat Ying Ga Iron Palm training. Sign up ASAP and pay so the materials can be acquired.

What is Chinese Shaolin Iron Palm training? It is learning to break boards/bricks without damaging your hands and achieving results of breaking material without strength, instead using internal energy (Chi or Qi) through various breathing exercises and proper technique. Learn this rare and traditional training this fall sign up today or ask one of the students/Instructors, or someone who has learned this training what it has done for them… Last chance this year, don’t wait until next spring try it now, and move to the next level in the spring as there are 8 levels and no-one has ever made it past level 3 in the 10 years I have been offering this training at our school.

*** Learn the Monkey’s Rope one of our rare and more exotic weapons from the Shaolin 8 Animal kung fu system. This is a master’s weapon up in the 20-30 weapons usually for a 5th Degree Black Sash – No one has ever learned this unique tool of our Animal kung fu system. One of GM Tong’s favorite weapons, SiGung Scott will be offering this highly unusual Chinese weapon this fall, be one of the few to learn this exotic and rare weapon! The fees are $60 for the initial seminar includes the Monkey’s Rope and $50 for as many workshops as it takes to complete this form. Drills, introduction, salute, and fighting sections of the form will be offered until it is too cold to learn until spring.



Uma Thurman tries to beat Pai Mai from the Kill Bill movie (Pai Mai is played by Gordon Liu from Master Killer Fame), and portrays the famous Chin Na or Eagle Claw Master Pak Mei creator of the White Eyebrow style of kung fu. Thurman in the movie or Black Mamba is she is known gets lessons in Eagle claw while training under Pai Mai Sifu. She is using Hung Gar (tiger/crane style) against his unbeatable and unstoppable Eagle Claw Kung Fu, and various pressure point attacks. He teaches her the Iron Fist technique (one inch punch), she must use later to escape her burial alive.

   The Chinese Master’s believe you can’t go to battle unless you have a horse…

                    Nature, Time, and Patience are the three great teachers

The Circle Square symbol in our Xing Yong Chi Lu Chuan Baat Ying Ga Kung Fu system you learn at MCMAC. This symbol has many revealed as well as hidden meanings. When we begin to learn martial arts whether it is kung fu, yoga, violin, or other instrument there is a procedure to learning. First you learn the notes or learn the pattern, next you know the notes by heart or one will know the pattern. Now you really begin to learn as you understand the form, you have made a change in yourself (Disciple level), and learned many new exciting things and discovered awareness either external or internal (it depends on the person). Last you master the notes or the master the form, but one never truly masters anything because Mastery Is A Road Not A Destination… If we break this symbol down we see a square which = Balance, the arrows face right the correct way to travel with the Sun. Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding relate to ones Intellect, ones Emotions, and ones Actions. You learn once, know twice, discover three times, connect four times, and unify five times. We always go forward we never go back, your sash changes from the left to the right. It takes four animals to contain the tiger. Every level of training goes through these four stages, the circle is hidden from the outside and unattainable, but there is a small opening in which to get in. Light is hidden in darkness, and darkness conceals the light. One must control their own physical nature (our human four natural elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), to relate with their own spiritual nature. Most anyone can learn the information but few can understand the material. The student who knows the pattern may someday master the form. A student who hardly knows the pattern may have trouble understanding the form (applications, etc.) the same as one who barely learns the pattern will have a difficult if not impossible task of mastering the form. So we see that each stage of learning, understanding, and even of mastering anything is on multiple layers and levels and is subject to comprehension based on ones current level of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding or that information being passed either written down, or spoken orally the old way from master to student. We all must swim against the current until we have achieved our goal of a Black Sash (Sifu Level), or beyond it is up to each individual to sink or swim and reach the level of our convictions. For more information on this Circle Square symbol as SiGung Sifu Scott

 USA Xing Yong Association News

Usually at this time of the year late September or early October, we have our Annual Fall Gathering & Tournament but this year we have no school building in which to have one. I have been asked to still host some type of picnic field day tournament as we had 20 years go. This year would have been the 20th Annual Event, if you the students, families, and friends of our school want to have some type of event and gathering to celebrate 20 years of Kung fu and friends in Kansas City email, call me or speak to me personally.  I have been teaching away from my Sifu since 1989 20 years ago, August is the month when I started teaching on my own, to what seems like a life time ago, I was still young man then, and I still had good hair.

............................................... A Gathering of Eagles




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