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Winter 2008-3 December    MIDWEST CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS CENTER Happy Holidays Year of the Earth Rat                                                                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR

Si Gung Sifu Speaks

This month we will discus the importance of water, as the sign Scorpio (Chesvan) has just past, it began October 29, of this year. The Zodiac Sign Scorpio is a water sign, much like the Tiger in the 8 Animal kung fu system. Water is one of the most powerful elements of nature, it can be calm and peaceful like a flowing steam, but it can also crash like a tidal wave, or tsunami. We have all seen the destructive power of water with Hurricane Katrina, then on the Texas Coast recently. In Myanmar or Burma a devastating Tsunami destroyed and overwhelmed everything in its path, humans, plants, and animals, nothing was sparred.  The Earth is covered by ¾ water, just as inside our bodies as plasma, we could not function without water, oxygen, electrical energy (chi), and food. The tranquility of water is world known; it has been used for centuries as a meditative tool. This slippery substance can range in manifestations from tidal waves to flooding and everything in between. The kinetic power of storms is legendary and goes all the way back to Noah in the Bible, or the epic tale of Gilgamesh. Even further back to the flood of the famous “Garden of Eden” at the apex of the Tigress and Euphrates rivers (also the Pison and Gideon) marks the exact spot where it was in Baghdad, Iraq. This area in the olden biblical times was called Persia,  and from space with science these 2 lost rivers Pison and Gideon were discovered as told in the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible). The lost and forgotten rivers of the Garden of Eden were only recently discovered by the increase in technology of this electronic age, and can only be seen from space. These lost and important rivers could only be revealed by looking down on the Earth from outer space. In many cases and historical reports humans have been wiped out by the destructive power of water. Water can also be used to heal as we need it daily for our very survival, many studies have been done using “hot springs” as a power healing agent. It has been said that water from these springs has healing properties, also not scientifically discovered until the computer age. Fiber Myalgia, Arthritis, and other ailments are in constant research by top scientist, as well as several studies on Multiple Scloris patients. Water is one of the natural elements along with Fire, Earth, and Wind, and is one of the Chinese Elements used in Acupuncture. The Water element relates to our very emotions, in Acupuncture it is passive energy and corresponds to the Kidneys and Yin qualities. It also relates to the Bladder meridian and to Yang energy, water also can be seen with the color black, or navy blue. When using you 5 senses: taste is like the cold and salty sea water from the ocean. Fall and Winter seasonal months relate to emotional qualities that are cold, and dark like the passive femine energy of a mother tiger. The Famous Bruce Lee spoke often of the quality of water he said “water is formless, shapeless, put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot, put it in a bottle it becomes the bottle, it can be calm or it can crash, be water my friend”. We can also see the news a few months ago when in Northern California the waves were coming in at 80’ compared to the normal 20’ to 30’ waves.  The giant waves were proof positive water can cover you in a second, surfers know this fact, you literally get lost down there, how long can you hold your breath? Water can be above us as rain, and storms, it is already below us covering the planet, when the world was being created the Creator said “Let there be upper waters, and lower waters, and a firmament in between. We know the lower waters as the Seven Seas (oceans of the planet), and the upper waters as fields in Outer Space.  We have all looked up at the stars and the constellations,  but did you know that the constellation and the astrology sign Scorpio (October 23-November 21) or Chesvan in Hebrew starts each year right before Halloween, and was a water sign. The other astrology signs are Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), and Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). In fact the Scorpion’s tail points its way to Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) Bow and Arrow in the sky. This brings up an interesting fact Sagittarius being a fire sign and Scorpio being a water sign, if you combine these something happens. Either water puts out the fire, or water heats up and transforms into steam (air-gas quality) we are already standing on the earth this combines essential elements together with our soul is what makes us human. This hidden and unknown aspect that make us humans, makes us hunt for the answer to all of life’s questions, in such pursuits we uncover the 13th constellation Ophucus. This nearly unknown part of the fabric of space becomes clear again with the aid of computers and space exploration. This lost and final sign has a common thread with the Maya and their ancient calendar that runs its course on December 21, 2012, it just happens to coinincide with the Chinese year of the Water Dragon. This Hydra (water serpent) according to Greek writings, has also been adapted by the Medical Association as their symbol (staff wrapped by a snake) called the Caduceus staff. This symbol corresponds to the tail of Scorpio the Scorpion pointing the way to Ophecues, between the arrow of Sagittarius, this worm hole, portal, or star gate like doorway scientists say will open in 2012 with the alignment of various planets the sun will shine the way. For more info on Opehcues see Wikipedia.com

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Fortune Cookie Wisdom                                                                               

Patience is the answer to success

We do not know the value of water, until the well is dry

The superior person fulfills their purpose but does not boast of their accomplishments

The wise person seeks everything in themselves, the ignorant person tries to get everything from somebody else

If the dark element seeks to achieve a position to which it is not entitled and tries to rule instead of serving, it draws upon itself the fury of the dragon

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough

Man follows the way of earth, Earth follows the way of heaven, Heaven follows the way of Tao, Tao follows the way of nature

Separately we are as fragile as reeds, together we are as strong as reeds tied in a bundle

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Have you seen the movie, it represents kung fu animals Tiger, Viper (Snake), Crane, Mantis, Leopard, Monkey, and Dragon (Po the Panda bear), and theShi Fu (Master teacher)

This movie is good fun for all members of the family, and shows martial arts and character development of Shaolin Styles of Kung Fu           

I urge all students to see it and judge for themselves,  this movie is entertaining even for adults       

Several famous movie stars lend their voices to the make the movie hard to forget about. Now just out the Panda 2 or the Return of the Furious Five, the continuation of “Po” the Panda, who becomes the Dragon Warrior

Our 8 Animal Style has moves similar to those used in this movie as well as the Forbidden Kingdom with Jacky Chan, and Jet Li. Forbidden Kingdom is an outstanding movie and all students who have ever learned kung fu can appreciate the quality of the fight scenes in this movie. The drills and techniques are identical to what we do here at Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center and other Xing Yong Association Branch Schools.

  The 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare (Cat), Dragon, Snake,

 Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar


    The 12 Signs of the Western Zodiac:

         Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

          Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

        Comparison of Western and Chinese Zodiac

     Aries=Rat, Taurus=Ox, Gemini=Tiger, Cancer=Hare(cat)

         Leo=Dragon, Virgo=Snake, Libra=Horse, Scorpio=Goat

        Sagittarius=Monkey, Capricorn=Rooster, Aquarius=Dog, and Pisces=Boar


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  The first 12 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet (Aleph-Beit)

Hebrew, like Chinese is read from right to left , <<<<<<

     Aleph, Beit, Gimel, Dalet, Hei, Vau, Zayin, Chet, Tet, Yud, Koph, and Lamed

 There are many weapons to learn when training in Kung Fu, most ALL can be learned in seminars, workshops, or in private lessons, $40 1/2 , and $80 per hour

I have private spots/ mini class available on Wed Afternoon, email or call for info


          Try a private, attend a seminar, or add an additional program this winter!

The door is open to those few who go beyond the normal and regular training schedule

 Shaolin Kung fu has many different types of Swords, and Sabers, SiGung Scott at left wields the Pok Dau, or Northern Executioners Broadsword. The Tai Chi practitioner uses the Gim Dau or Straight Sword, many kung fu styles make use of this ancient Military Officers side weapon. The Broadsword or Saber, is a smaller version than that at left is usually the 3rd weapon taught in 8 Animal, Lung Lum Pai-Dragon, and Xing Yong White Willow Kung fu styles offered at Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center or one of USAXCMA Branch location Schools. The Broadsword represents the benevolent and wise Dragon, and the element of Fire. The Broadsword has many variations in our Kwoon (Chinese school of Kung fu training). This weapon was one of the original Shaolin Temple traditional and classic weapons. The Staff of course still the most popular choice, and most easy to obtain with little money, much the same way as today. The Broadsword is still more expensive to buy even now, the same way it was in ancient times when people were less fortunate financially. There again is much more on this subject than one small e news article can take. Check out my weapon’s book or ask for more insight here. The Broadsword teaches courage, it is forceful and flowing, and opens the door for more than you see now. Active precision is your ultimate goal in bringing the Lung Dan Dau (Dragon Broadsword) to life. This is one of my favorite weapons.

8 Years ago around now – Our TEAM at the 2000 St.Louis Budweiser Classic


Hosted by Shi Han Jefferson Davis –  and the Budweiser Girls, See who you recognize from out of the past, our traveling tournament teams always worked hard and never let down Xing Yong 8 Animal Kung fu or other MCMAC Styles or systems, look from

Left to Right Back row: Brian Boerner, Elisha Wampler, Donna Morgan, Victor Jordan,

Sifu Scott, Chad Stewart, front row: Cleo Harrison, Camron Simcox, Ieesha McGee, Vance Huen, display 19 awards won that day in 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri event.

This was a very large tournament with many competitors, in forms, weapons, sparring, and 2-person forms. We attended this event consistently for many years, lending our support to the mostly Chinese Kenpo Karate Event, held for more than 20 years

Join the Traveling Tournament Team – Fun, and exciting, Travel, see new places, and meet new fellow martial artist from many different styles, and systems, meet and greet famous Instructors, Fall/Winter Tournament season begins NOW – for a list of upcoming events ask Si Gung Scott, or one of the Sifu Instructors today, even if you don’t like to compete you can always go watch to support our school S.O.S. This is just as important, all good teams need cheerleaders, family, and school members to support our team!  Wear your School 8-Animal T-Shirt at tournaments to show your loyalty to MCMAC !

Or wear a USAXCMA T-Shirt to show our Xing Yong Associations Unity & Support       

The Chinese New Year Begins on Monday January 26, 2009 and is the year 4047 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This year ends the rein or the Earth Rat, and begins to usher in the Year of the Earth Ox. In 2010 will begin the year of the Tiger, then the Rabbit (Cat), and so on, the cycle continues, on and on. Look back for the full order of the Chinese Animal years, or Chinese Zodiac, or the wheel of the universe.

                               -Past Events/Tournaments or School Activities-

Friday Night November 14, 08 our team went to the 1st Annual Padded Sword/Stick Event. Competitors included Sifu Wade Jessee 3rd place Men’s Division and “Most Exciting Technique”, Michelle Kelly (from Eternal Path), 2nd Place Women’s Division, and Keith Rice 2nd Place Men’s Division, SiGung Scott, Sifu Leslie Goad, and Sifu Wade judged. We had many to support our team Andrea and Tyler Gray, Sue (Wades friend), Michelle (Keith’s wife), both of my kids Emily and Aaron Winokur, and even Sifu Kathy attended. There was a good turnout of competitors from our new group Midland Union of Martial Arts – Master Mark Long, me, and Master Dana Visonhaler, who hosted this event. Padded Sword/Stick is offered on Thursday during sparring class, the next padded event will take place and Mark Long Winter Kick Out listed below, make plans now to attend, Si Gung Scott and other Black Sash Instructors will be there, flyers on the front counter, or email me and I will send you one. Hope to see you there! Tournaments build confidence, courage, and more than can be seen. If you don’t want to compete come out and support your fellow students who are representing our Kung Fu Systems and Styles.

Nothing happens when you sit on the sideline, get involved, get started, get going!

Many students begin to compete as kids, but many adults from our school have competed for years, Ask Si Gung Scott, or other Sifu for information, it’s just like presenting forms or weapons in class. Try the next event December 6, 08 look on school counter for info.


After Thanksgiving, give back to yourself with Aerobic Kick boxing-Kardio Kung fu class,

will burn 500-800 Calories a workout, it s fun, exciting, great for the whole body, mind, and spirit, Try a FREE class today – call the school and schedule an appointment or speak to one of the Sifu Instructors. Great for you sparring students to build endurance, stamina, and conditioning, Don’t wait until 2009 and New Years Resolutions Start NOW

Saturday Mornings 9-10 am, $ 15 per class, or $50 per month (4 classes) Gift Certificates are available for the Holidays, as well as special prices on gear, ask!

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