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Si Gung Sifu Speaks

Chi in the Martial Arts –By SiGung Scott Winokur- Master Instructor

Chi – What is it ? How do I get it? What do you do with it? Chi is the Bio-Electromagnetic energy and vital life force contained within everything in our universe. This energy is also called Ki, Prana, or even Kime, in different cultures, and from different countries. It is the essential element the keeps us alive. For example, if the battery in a toy, gameboy, or even cell phone runs out of energy the toy or cell phone stops working, the same applies to one’s Chi. Chi is like the concept that the spirit of G-D is outside the body and the same spirit is also contained within.  If the practitioner can project his or her chi outside the body, the chi is called external chi. If the practitioner chi flows freely inside the body in is called internal chi. With developed internal chi, one is not susceptible to injury, the body usually stays healthier and the chi flow may be directed by the practitioners will.  Chi can be used by the individual flush out toxins and ill –feelings inside, and or outside the body. Chi helps to maintain balance and the basic functions or the organs, thus inducing harmony. As the chi level of the practitioner increases, it relaxes and massages the organs. Chi can also strengthen and enhance the unique connection humans have with nature, raising one’s awareness to range from the Bio-Physical, to Metaphysical, to Quantum Physical levels, and beyond. Over the last 25-30 years many groups and scientists have investigated the effectiveness of chi Kung (energy breathing exercises) for healing. Even the military, (Navy Seals, Rangers, Tactical Teams, even FBI), have invested time in chi kung/meditation, and visualization training, and study of the brain under combat and stress situations. This study of the amydala the 2 thumbnail size trigger that controls fear, and panic, can be controlled by mediation and visualization techniques, (table meditation set). Scientist have also conducted many studies on how chi helps Cancer, Aids, Fiber Malaysia, and other ailments.  Many Hospitals, Universities, and private or government funded programs continue to investigate the future uses of human energy systems. The way this mysterious force works is through breathing (chi kung-energy breathing exercises), one gets oxygen charged red blood cells in the bloodstream enhancing metabolism and many other things, you never even think about. But it is the ions in the red blood cell that do the real work. Through internal or external training (especially internal), the ions get excited and become more active, hence the circulation is increased. In external training the heart rate will rise, but with internal training the heart rate only rises slightly, much less than with external training. Only when the person is in harmony will the heart rate, and body regulations be met. When doing Chi Kung (energy raising/breathing techniques), the heart rate should only rise slightly, one should be relaxed and connected. To understand some of these principles we look at Chinese Medicine where we learn that it is the chi, not the heart that regulates blood circulation.  Many people have harnessed the energy of chi, and practice it in many forms such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Wing Chun, White Willow, as well as many types of martial arts, and religious practices. Most martial arts, yoga, and pilates have some type of Chi, Ki, Prana training either external or internal, however the use of chi or energy is not limited to martial arts. For example, acupuncture stimulates and or regulates the chi flow inside the body. A simple explanation of how you can cultivate chi is that one must be of good moral character and ethical behavior. One must learn to focus attention and become sensitive, and more aware of surroundings. One must also align oneself with the universe. To do this one must use the big Yin-Yang (the harmony of the external environment) to line up one’s own small Yin-Yang (within oneself). To achieve harmony within, meditation and guided imagery will begin to still the conscious level mind, allowing the sub-conscious mind (intuitive mind), to awaken, thus connecting sub-conscious mind to the super – conscious mind (divine mind) opening the possibilities. At these next levels one can really begin to focus on utilizing the the emotions by interjecting the intellect or super – conscious mind. Though all of this process, one has balanced, focused attention, and learned to still and control their emotions (pride, aggression, fear,) as well more control over stressful situations. Then allowing the light of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to permeate the entire essence of the individual.

* for more information on this subject or others speak to Si Gung Scott or other Sifu Instructor, or email me at eightanimalkungfu@yahoo.com 


Tai Chi, White Willow, Wing Chun all use Chi Kung (energy breathing exercises)
These are examples of internal style offered at Xing Yong Assoc Schools

* Try one Free if already training and passed intro level in your system *

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Join Us for our Annual Chinese New Year Party- Year of the OX

Saturday night January 24, 2009 at 6:00 pm, Buffet style dinner at 6:30pm, soup, appetizers, 1 free soda, chicken, beef, vegy, dishes,

w/rice, Hot tea, fortune cookie. Bar available for Alcohol, or beer,

$12.95 per person includes tax & tip, you must RSVP for all in your party by Jan 18, 09 call HQ School at 816-444-4777



The Year of the Ox begins on January 26, 2009 and is year 4707 according to the Chinese calendar (lunar) instead of solar. This year

is the Earth Ox, the 2nd sign in order of the Chinese Zodiac. Below some important facts about the year of the Ox.

Positive traits: responsible, dependable, honest, caring, intelligent, practical, and industrious

Negative traits: petty, inflexible, possessive, dogmatic, gullible, stubborn, intolerant, and materialistic

Ox people are usually quite patient, speak very little, and inspire confidence in others.



The Ox is the sign of prosperity through determination and hard work. This powerful sign is a born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things in life. Ox people are dependable calm and modest. Like the animal the Ox is unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. Ox people need peace and a quiet place to work through their ideas and when they make up their mind on something, it is difficult if not impossible to change them. They have a logical and extremely systematic in whatever they do, even without imagination. They tend to speak little but have very high intelligence, and when necessary they are articulate and eloquent. People born under this sign Ox, are kind, caring souls, logical, positive, and they are filled with common sense with their feet planted firmly on the ground. Security is the main goal and Ox people work hard, long hours to provide a comfortable life for themselves and their families. Strong minded, stubborn, individualistic, and Ox sign does not like to be told what to do. One born under the sign of the Ox enjoy helping others, they are not extravagant, and the thought of credit card bills, and other debt makes them nervous. They hate taking big risks which will keep them up at night, they are truthful, sincere, and don’t like wheeling and dealing used car salesman life. Ox people are not driven by money, but by honesty and patience, and have many friends. They don’t usually follow the crowd or the new trends, but on occasion be persuaded to try new things every now and then. The sign of the Ox can be social and relaxed when they feel comfortable and secure. They can have a dark cloud that hangs over them as they attempt to solve the problems of the world.




      The Ox is the 2nd Chinese Zodiac Sign 

The Gemstone is Onyx, The Season of Ox is Winter,

Ox is Yin energy, The element of Water, Ox Rules times 1-3 am

* more info on the Chinese Year of the Ox, look on internet

* more on Chinese Zodiac order check December 08 e news



                        Tournament results and school news

On Saturday December 6, our Xing Yong Schools team went to the 28th Annual Winter Kick Out -hosted by Master Mark Long

  Held at Procter Elementary School in Independence, Missouri

Competitors included Wade Jessee, Michelle Kelly, Aaron Conklin, Charles Gray, Tyler Gray (7), Andrea Gray, and Andrew Feagle. Black Sash Judges were Si Gung Scott Winokur, Sifu Elisha Wampler, Sifu Donna Morgan, Sifu Wade Jessee, Sifu Leslie Goad, and Sifu Jason Carter.  Spectators and competitors all came from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center and Eternal Path Arts, no other Xing Yong schools were represented. Wades girlfriend Sue, Aaron Conklin’s girlfriend Casey,Amanda B., and Mark B., from MCMAC were there in support.

7 competitors won 16 Awards, both trophies, and plaques, were given out at this annual Shotokan tournament featuring forms, weapons forms, sparring, and padded Sword fighting. Sorry no picture available of this event.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Teachers open the door, but you must enter yourself

Wisdom is not a flower to pluck, but the mountain difficult to climb

Don’t compare your life to others, you have no idea what their journey is like

Growing old beats the alternative, dying young

If we threw all of our problems on a pile, and we saw everyone else’s, we would grab ours back

Make peace with your past so you won’t screw up the present



Pictured left Jennifer Oh, Scott Winokur, and his Tai Chi, and 2nd Wing Chun Instructor Master Randy K. Li, receives an award from Tigerclaw.com and Golden Dragon Classic. Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center hosts this annual event each spring open to all styles and systems of martial arts. Be part of the action this March, many seminar/workshops are offered at this large major tournament held in Kansas City each year. If interested in helping out speak to Si Gung Scott, or Chad Stewart.






The 8th Golden Dragon is scheduled for Saturday March 21, 09 Workshops are Friday March 20, Saturday morning March 21, and all day on Sunday March 22, 2009. Golden Dragon may have to be moved to another date, due to availability of the High School. Committee’s are forming now, HELP OUT your Sifu and MCMAC HQ School. Sign up NOW…we need your help to make this event a huge success, volunteer today, we need pickup trucks, vans, and bodies to move things to the tournament location to be announced soon.




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eightanimalkungfu@yahoo.com or 816-444-4777

Remember Year of the Chinese Ox New Year Dinner Party

Saturday Night January 24, 09 at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 pm

You Must RSVP asap to HQ School 816-444-4777 with # of your group, or family, fun filled and memorable event each year,

Prizes, Games, Fun for everyone! Young, old, in between come one come all for our Celebration of Chinese New Year – Earth Ox

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