USA Xing Yong Chinese Martial Arts Association
Mission Statement

The USA Xing Yong Chinese Martial Arts Association was created to unite and help new Instructors, and Masters find a venue to establish their unique styles and systems. We also help to set up schools/clubs either currently teaching Chinese martial arts, or other styles. We also help those teachers who want to have a school or club and need support to get started. We will help you create school symbols/patches, create curriculum, add weapons, update self defense, or add new programs to existing school courses, and or attend discounted workshops/seminars.

Apprenticeship programs are available, as well as any of the styles or system courses taught at Headquarters School Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center. Those interested parties should contact Master Winokur President of the USA Xing Yong Association. You may email your intent or contact the Main Headquarters Studio 816-226-7047