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Professor Yu Zheng Liu is an international ranked expert in Chinese Martial Arts in both Shaolin and WuDang Systems. In 1993 he was inducted into China's National Martial Arts Hall of Fame. His specialties are Shaolin Chin Na (Qin Na), San Da, and San Shou free form fighting (sparring). He also is skilled in Taiji (Tai Chi), Pushing Hands techniques, and Chi Kung (Qi Gong) energy breathing exercises.

He has contributed and help to co-author several books on a variety of martial arts subjects. Professor Liu has received degree's in Physical Education from Zhengshou College of Education, and from Henan University. Master Liu is recognized as a National 1st Class Judge in Chinese Martial Arts forms, and full contact San Shou contests. He has more than 40 years of experience and he has won many prestigious awards and has been given numerous titles.

Declared a Chinese Martial Arts Treasure, he began his training journey at age six from his grandfather Wen Zhou Liu in Yuefei Style. His next teachers were Tie Cheng Zhou, nicknamed (Iron Leg and Fast Hands), and from Xi Xiao Wang (WuDang Mountain Master), where he learned Hsing Yi Chuan, Baqua Chang, and Wu Dang Boxing Methods. In 1980 Professor went to Shaolin Temple to learn Shaolin Kung Fu and Weapons, his teacher was Abbott Su Xi . Master Liu was given the Temple Name De Yu, and began learning Lohan Style Kung Fu, Shaolin Dian Xue (Jin Ju), or Duan Mai (pressure points-Dim Mak striking), Shaolin Chi Kung (Qi Gong-energy breathing exercises), and Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, herbs, etc) Shaolin Temple methods.

He has made many visits to the United States to educate and inform the public, through various means. He has also attended and Judged at several Chinese Martial Arts Events.


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