Learn a Self Defense Move - Throw the Melon - *** This is a Chin Na technique, Be careful if practicing, as tendons, and ligaments are being used. (Chin Na - Chinese version of Jointlocking/pressue point striking, and cavity pressing) *** For more information on Chin Na click cirrucullum (left)- Click - Chi Lu Chuan Chin Na

*** Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center is NOT responsible for the misuse or injuries as a result of duplicating techniques seen here, or of other Self Defense Techniques, please consult a professional Martial arts instructor ***

``` Throw the Melon - Self Defense Technique ```

Attacker left, grabs your right wrist, - 1) Turn you wrist up (as to shake hands)


2) Visulize yourself holding a Melon (look at it), Twist hand so palm is up, Bend your knee's


3) Throw the Melon over your right shoulder while standing up,

** use your legs, not your shoulder or arm, ** very little strength is used, instead use the circle motion


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