* Trapping/Intercepting program


Trapping/Intercepting is a combination of unusual and deceptive techniques, many kinds of drills, for sensitivity, speed, accuracy, timing, and courage. This system only has one multi-section empty hand form, the students learn the applications for self -defense. Not considered exactly traditional kung fu, but very similar it uses animal qualities of Praying Mantis, Snake, Tiger, and GM Tong's favorite Dragon. It was devolped in the Indo-Chinese, Islands, and incorporates Silat (Indonesian Fighting System), Arnis, and Archipelego Island Eskrima concepts as well as single/double stick fighting, dis-arms, locks, throws/takedowns, and exotic finishing holds. Single Knife fighting, Stick/Knife fighting and dis-arms. Pak Jarm Do (butterfly Knives), Ban Kaw (6' double ended staff), Sash/belt/rope self-defense techniques, and several Silat Dances (forms), are also taught for advancement in Black Levels of training in Trapping/Intercepting. Very few individuals have ever learned this unique system, I was one of only three that ever made it to the advance Instructor levels. Are you the serious and dedicated student to learn this rare artform, contact us today...


Guro/Master Instructor Scott Winokur


Current Instructor's, Apprentice Instructor's, Asst Instructors, and students, recognized by GM Tong, and Guro/Master Winokur


Leslie Goad - Brown Sash (Asst Instructor)

                                           Green Sash Level - Leslie Goad


Trapping for Teen's --- Asst Instructors, and students, recognized by GM Tong, and Guro/Master Scott Winokur

Cody M



-----------------------------------------Those Listed Below Have Discontinued Training and are NOT Current Certified Instructors or Asst's------------------------------------------


Black Sash Instructor Jason C

Brown Sash Level - Asst Instructor Victor J

Purple Sash Level - Charles T

Intro Level - Amanda B



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