* Chinese Rank Titles

These Chinese ranking titles are used by Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center, and not by all means the only ranking for Chinese Styles.


Male Title --------Female Title

Beginning Level - Introduction-White Sash have no title for male or female students

Si Di ---------------- Si Mui

Si Hing -------------Si Je

Si Suk------------Si Goo

Si Fu -------------Si Fu

Si Bok ----------- Si Di Goo

Si Gung --------------Si Poo

Si Tai Gung --------------Si Tai Poo


Black Level Ranking can be as Chi, Tuan, Duan, or Dan to signify a degree or level of Black Sash/Belt. In some systems both rank and title go togther, in some styles is is different. The title Lao Shr (Teacher) is also used to show respect in some Chinese Systems.

Division of Rank - 10 Ranks multiple levels - Currently used in most of the styles & Systems taught at Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center


* Introduction and White Sash Level = No Rank Title - Novice Level


Si Di/Si Mui = Beginning Level < Yellow Sash > <Orange>

Yat, Yi, Som

Si Hing/Si Je = Intermediate Level < Blue Sash > < Dark Blue > <Purple>

Yat, Yi, Som

Si Suk/Si Goo Mui = Intermediate/Advance Level < Green Sash > < Brown Sash > < High Brown > < Apprentice Black Sash >

Yat, Yi, Som, Say, Wu

Si Fu/ Si Fu = Instructor Level < Black Sash > < 1st Black Sash > < 2nd Black Sash > < 3rd Black Sash >

Yat, Yi, Som

Si Bok/Si Di Goo = Senior Instructor Level < 4th Black Sash > < 5th Black Sash > < 6th Black Sash >

Yat, Yi, Som

Si Gung/Si Poo = Master Instructor Level < 7th Black Sash > < 8th Black Sash >

Yat, Yi

Si Tai Gung/Si Tai Poo = Grand Master Instructor < 9th Black Sash > <10th Black Sash >


Si Jo = Founder of a particular system

* Si Jo = Founder of New Style or New Approach to old method - Usually presented by former Grand Master or Master Instructor, to pass on, or teach a particular Family Style System, a new name to style might be given, this had been done for many generations to hide the secrets of kung fu from outsiders and those un-worthy to receive the inner workings, special training methods, ancient philosophies, and more. Many lay practioners studied at Southern Shaolin(Sil Lum) Temple in both fukein, and Kwantang Provice Temples. These Men did not take the vows of a Monk and thus do not have the Shi (Venerable) before their name.

* Husband or Wife = Outside the Syle or System of Kung Fu

Even the Husband and Wife not training in a current style or system have name's such as Husband's title is Sing San, (Southern System), or Sung San (Northern Systems), and a Wife's title is Si Mo, (Southern Styles), or Si Mu for Northern Styles.

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