*** Golden Dragon Hall of Fame








All Pics:  (left)Jennifer Oh - Tiger Claw (middle) Master Scott Winokur (red shirt) - President Golden Dragon Hall of Fame



Honored Inductees



GrandMaster Henry Look - Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Bagua, Chi Kung - Shingle Springs, CA




Master Chun Man Sit - Wu Tai Chi, 6 Elbow Kung Fu - Overland Park, KS



Master Augustine Fong - Wing Chun - Tuscon, AZ




Master Randy K. Li  - Wing Chun and Tai Chi - Overland Park, KS



Master Ray Hildreth - Hungar Kung Fu - Tulsa, OK



Master Ken Baker - Multiple Styles (Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Eagle Claw, and more) - Levenworth, KS





The Golden Dragon Hall of Fame, was Master Scott Winokur's unique dream to bring together martial artist visionaries of various styles who helped pave the way for others to follow!





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