*** More Info on GM Ho Yin Chung- A Living Treasure of Chinese Martial Arts

Sifu Winokur did not actully learn forms, weapons, or techniques, but was given important insight, some newly gained wisdom, and more of an appreciation for application of Mantis form, I profoundly thank you for opening my eyes to important knowledge of things I had not been able to see yet. Myself and a few students were truly Honored when we sat next to Grand Master Ho Yin Chung many years ago,

Grand Master Chung answered many questions of Sifu Winokur at a tournament in Ohio, while sitting by humbly explaining principles of Bung Bo and some other things he shared with myself and several on my students who listened to a wealth of knowledge and information

Sifu Winokur also had the great forturne of being a judge with his outstanding and talented son Master Henry Chung, also a true Master and pioneer of Chinese Martial Arts in the USA

Sifu Winokur has learned a handful of 7-Star Praying Mantis forms and a few weapons, from Master Steve McNeil in the late 80's and early 90's when I trained him in Shaolin 8 Animal Kung Fu and weapons


*** Sifu McNeil trained in New York, City under Master Raul Ortiz, for unknown amount of time


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