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August 3, 2019

30th Anniversary of Master Winokur teaching

Begining of Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center




pic 1, 30th Anniversary cake, #2 Raffle - Verona Wins 8 Animal T Shirt, #3 Sifu Joe Wins Large 8 Animal Patch, #4 Aldric Wins Duffle Bag

#5 Master Winokur with student Zach holding gift A Golden Dragon Statue as in pic #6

 A fun filled evening was had by all who attended, we ate a spectacular dinner at the Princess Garden, had a quiz, played games, and recognized MCMAC students and friends of Master Winokur there to celebrate the anniversary. Special Thank you to the Sifu's, and their families that came out and made the evening that much more exciting including, Sifu Lesie Goad, Sifu Joe Estrada, and his son Ryan, Si Hing Dion Cleo Harrison, and son Kelsie, and the dedicated and loyal students of Midwes Chinese Martial Arts Center, special thank you to the Leatherbury Family for bringing the Anniversary cake, and all the MCMAC students that helped, and Siena that demonstrated the Leopard form for everyone, and the non-training family members who attended the special school activity.


   Mid America Open Traditional Karate Tournament 


~ Benefit Tournament for St. Jude Children's Hospital

April 6, 2019

Topeka, Kansas

* Kata (Forms)  *  Weapons  *  Kumite (Sparring)       

2019 MCMAC Team ~ 4 Competitors won 6 Trophies, and 3rd Place Medal

Joel Storm (Willow Brown Sash) 1st Willow Butterfly Knives,

Siena L (9yrs old -Blue 8 Animal) ( Intermediate ~ Moved to Advanced Division) 1st Single Stick, 2nd Dragon

Mark K (Hung Gar White Sash) 2nd Small Tiger, 1st Adult Beg Sparring

Viviane (9yrs old - White 8 Animal) 3rd Medal w Small Dragon, 2nd Beg Sparring


Pic's (right to left) Joel, Siena, Viviane, Mark, w Awards,

pic 2, Siena-Viviane, Pic 3 Siena w Awards

Great Job competitor's from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center, 

New Team Members Mark, and Viviane both won trophies in their first tournament.

Siena was moved higher to Advanced Division, and still won 2 Awards, Hard work

and pratice pay off!, Brown Sash Joel won 1st with the Willow Butterfly knives, but

lost with Hung Gar Heart Palm form. Thank you to the Leatherbury, and King Family

for going to Topek to support the school!


Same Day in Grain Valley, Missouri

Grain Valley Karate Open

April 6, 2019

Hosted by Mark Long

Grain Valley, Missouri


2019 MCMAC Team Results ~ 2 competitors - 4 Medals,  and "SportsmanShip Award"

Tim Metcaf (Willow 2nd Black Sash) 1st Willow #7, 2nd Willow Butterfly Knives, Grand Champion Run-off  

       Zach W. (8- Animal Yellow Sash) 1st Staff 1, 2nd Crane, also given the Sportmanship Award

Our Team, Willow Sifu Tim Metcalf , and 8 Animal yellow sash student Zach W. were the only representitives from MCMAC

Great Job! competitors at this year's event, Thanks to Sifu Tim for pic's, Zach's Father for Video


Friday February 15, 2019

Tim Metcalf won 1st Black Belt 40+ Weapons, 1st 50+ Black Belt Forms Overall Champion



2019 Chinese New Year of the Pig Celebration & School Awards

Sunday February 10, 2019

Master Winokur with some of our MCMAC students after the Dinner & Awards

We had a fun filled evening, we had our Annual Chinese New Year Dinner. Many

students and their familes attended, we started with the New Year Quiz,

we played games, won prizes, then had dinner. The night ended

with Master Winokur presented various awards to All the students who attended.

We all wearing jackets, hats, or coats, as the heat was not working properly that evening

in the private room we were using.


Saturday December 1 , 2018 --

Winter Kick Out-Winter Tournament

Hosted by Mark Long, and Long's Shotokan

Grain Valley, MO


~ 2018  Results - 2 Competitors ~ 4 Plaques Awarded


2018 Pic 1 Siena, pic 2 Siena w Master Scott Winokur,

Pic 3 Tim Metcalf w Awards, Pic 4 Tim and Master Winokur

~Tim Metcalf  (2nd Black Sash) 1st Senior Black Level Forms,

2nd Senior Black Weapons (White Willow Butterfly Knives)

~Siena (9), (8 Animal Blue Sash) 2nd Crane, 2nd Single Stick

Thank you Sifu Leslie G, Joel Storm, and the Leatherbury Family

for supporting our school, It helps when we have a strong Team!

Sifu Tim was a Judge for the first time at this event.


2018 Choptoberfest Open

October 20, 2018

2018 Results

~White Willow 2nd Black Sash Tim Metcalf ~

2nd Place Willow #7, 3rd with Willow Butterfly Knives,

Sifu Tim was the only Competitor from

Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center this year! Great Job!

 Pic 1 Sifu Tim w 2 Trophies, above

Pic 2 The Judges in Tim's Ring for

Black Level forms, and Weapons Division

for Choptoberfest this year



Jill Lieker's Midwest Open

September 8, 2018

2018 Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center Team!

    Siena L (8) won 1st in Beg/Int Form with Leopard, 4th in Beg/Int Weapons with the Staff

                                                                          We only had two competiors at this years event

Great Job Siena L, Won 1st Leopard and went for Grand Championship, also won 4th Plaque

in Beg/Intermediate mixed weapons, she was the only Beg (Orange Sash, against all Intermediate competitors),

Zach also presented his Leopard in mixed Beg/Int division, and came in 4th,

and did the same with his staff. It is difficult to compete, and harder to be a beginner

and compete against Intermediate level students with much more training

than you have. This was a large event and had many competitors. You must overcome many obstacles

in your path and still overcome! In anything you do. But one must try to ever accomplish any task,

those who have not tried, do not know! Great Job Siena and Zach!, To try is to win in My Book...

Thanks to our Team of spectators Bill, Kimbra, Verona, Zach's Family, and

Joel (Asst Instructor, Coached our Team, this time, at this event. Above 1st Pic Siena,

2nd pic( right to left) Zach, Bill,Siena, Joel.


July 12, 2018

Demo and Teaching Class at TLC Summer Camp


Master Scott Winokur, & Siena L Demonstrated several Animal Forms, usual Chinese Weapons, and a 2-Person Weapons Set

to the Campers and Camp Counselors, Then taught a short class session, they all learned Shaolin Kung Fu Leopard form & more!


May 2018

See 7- Section Steel Whip Video below

Call or Email now, if you would like to learn this

ancient Chinese Weapons Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center

www.KUNGFUKC.com or 816-226-7047


2018 Grain Valley Open

April, 7, 2018

Hosted by Mark Long

5 competitors - 9 Awards & 4th Place Medal

Tim Metcalf (Willow Black Sash) 2nd Willow Butterfly Knives, 4th Willow #5, did not spar

Joel Storm (Willow Brown Sash) 2nd Deer Horn Knives, 1st Hung Gar Tiger, 3rd Adv Spar

Adam K (8 Animal Purple Sash) 2nd Yi Gi Kwan, 2nd Sparring, Did not do a form

Siena L (8yrs old 8 Animal Yellow Sash) 2nd Leopard, 4th Medal Staff (she was the only Beg in division)

Bill L (40+ 8 Animal Yellow Sash) 2nd Leopard, 3rd Sparring, did not do Weapon form


2018 MCMAC Team Results ~ 5 competitors - 9 Awards & 4th Place Medal


(Right to Left) Master Winokur, Joel, Adam, Bill, Siena, Sifu Tim, 

(Pic 2) Joel Storm wins 3 and makes the "Wall of Fame"

Great Job! competitors at this years event, Siena (8 yrs old) had all

Intermediate & Black Belts in her Weapons division, she beat 2 (4th of 6), and had 7 in her forms division, she won 2nd

Thanks to Sifu Leslie, and the Leatherbury family, for MCMAC support and pics 


March 10, 2018

ASKC Championships hosted by Master David Clifton & American Sport Karate Centers


Tournament Results: 6 Competitors - 9 Trophies, & 4th Place Medal


Tim Metcal (Willow Apprentice Black Sash) 2nd Cane, 1st Willow form #5

Joel Storm (Willow Brown Sash) 1st Willow Butterfly Knives, 2nd Willow form #7, 2nd Advance Sparring

Adam K (8-Animal Blue Sash) 2nd Yi Gi Kwan, 1st Crane, 1st Int/Advance Sparring

Siena Leatherbury (8 yrs old) (8-Animal Yellow Sash) 2nd Leopard, 4th Place Medal Staff 1


Joel S. and Adam K. both won 3 Awards in the same event, and make the school "Wall of Fame"


2018 MCMAC Team (R to Left) Adam, Joel, Master Winokur, Bill, Siena, Tim, Sifu Leslie Goad,  

(pic 2) Joel Storm, ( pic 3) Adam kijowski, both won 3 Awards, Great Job to All!  Zach not in picture


* Congratulations MCMAC Team, (Tim, Joel, Adam, Siena, Bill, & Zach,) Thank you to all our spectators,

the Leatherbury Family, and Sifu Leslie, from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center, and our Xing Yong Assn,

who came out to support our competitors!


February 25, 2018

Congratulations to Marissa Jaret Winokur

2018 Winner Celebrity Big Brother Show


February 17, 2018

KC Challenge - Hosted by Jarett Leiker

Tournament Results: 4 Competitiors - 8 Awards presented

Tim Metcalf (White Willow Apprentice Black Sash) 1st Cane form, 1st Willow form 7, Grand Chammpion Belt

Joel S. (White Willow Brown Sash) 2nd Advance Mens Sparring, did not compete in forms or weapons     

Adam K. (8 Animal Blue Sash) 2nd Crane, 2nd Yi Gi Kwan, 1st Intermediate Sparring 

Siena L. (8 Animal Yellow Sash) 2nd Leopard form, did not compete in weapons or sparring               


Right to Left Adam K, Joel S, Tim Metcalf, Master Winokur, Siena L, not in group picture  (picture taken by Sifu Leslie Goad)

(pic 2) Siena L, with Master Winokur, Both Tim M, and Adam K, both make the school "Wall of Fame"


This was a very large event with many seperate divisions of  forms, and weapons, both traditional and sport style martial arts.

We saw schools from many cities around the USA, we witnessed a wide variety of unique and interesting styles.

Thank you to all our MCMAC Team members, parents, and Sifu Leslie who all support our school! Congratulations to the

competitiors from MCMAC, who represented our school and make our kung fu styles, and our weapons forms be seen!



Sunday February 11, 2018

Hosted by Master Scott Winokur

Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center



"Leopard Throws the Hyena"


Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center

www.KUNGFUKC.com 816-226-7047

More video clips go to our youtube channel


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sunday December 24, 2017

Yi Gieh Kwan (2-Section Staff) Seminar


Master Winokur gave a holiday seminar, all had a great time

pictued above Bill, Siena, and Master Winokur



Saturday December 2, 2017  Long's Winter Kickout

Event Results: 8 Competitors - 18 Awards Presented


Siena L. (8) makes the "Wall of Fame" with 3 Awards in the same event, As well as Joel S, and Adam K 


Tim Metcalf 50+(Apprentice Willow Black Sash) 1st Sr Black Weapons (Butterfly Knives), 4th Willow #5

Joel S (CLC Adv) 1st Tiger Fork, 1st Praying Mantis, 1st Adv Sparring

Michelle K 50+ (CLC Adv) Sr 40+ 2nd Tiger Broadsword, 2nd Tiger/Crane form


Scott L (Wing Chun Green) 3rd Wing Chun Knives, 3rd Wing Chun Chum Kiu

Adam K (CLC Blue) 2nd Broadsword, 1st Dragon, 1st Int Sparring 


Lilia B 40+(CLC Orange) 3rd Yi Gieh Kwan, 3rd Crane

Bill L 40+ (CLC White) 1st Staff, 1st Leopard form

Siena L (CLC Yellow kids divison) 3rd Staff, 1st Leopard form * Grand Champion Kids Trophy                      

Above 2017 Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center Team, at this event, Lilia not pictured, an amazing accomplishment by our team of students. More pictures and video asap

Congratulations all Competitors from our school Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center and thanks to our Team of spectators.



September 16, 2017

Jill Leiker's 35th Midwest Open + WKA USA Championships

Tournament Results: 7 Competitors - 12 Awards

Michelle Kelly 50+ (Chi Lu Chuan Brown Sash) 1st Tiger/Crane, 2nd Tiger Broadsword,

Joel Storm (White Willow Brown Sash) 1st Willow #6, 1st Willow Butterfly Knives, 3rd Adv Sparring

Darel B (Brown Chi Lu Chuan Kickboxing) 1st Adv Sparring, 2nd Water Dragon Form, did not compete other events

Adam K (Chi Lu Chuan Blue Sash) 3rd Dragon/Snake, 2nd Dbl Sticks, 1st Int Sparring

Zach W (Chi Lu Chuan White Sash) 1st Leopard, did not compete in other divisions

Bill L.40+ (Chi Lu Chuan White Sash) 2nd Leopard, did not compete in other divisions

Siena L.7 (Chi Lu Chuan White Sash) 5th Place Plaque Leopard form, did not compete in other divisions


2017 Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center Team! 



School members above display their awards, with 8 Animal, White Willow, and Kickboxing Styles represented this day.


August 18, 2017



June 30-July2, 2017

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Weekend,

Held in Kansas City, Missouri this year

The 41st Year!

                                                                                               Hall of Fame Director Jim Thomas W Grandmaster Scott Winokur, on Red Carpet, pic 2 Receiving Pioneer Award,  #3 Tim Metcalf, #4 Joel Storm at podium, #5 Group pic on Red Carpet, Below Scott Winokur, Tim Metcalf, Joel Storm, Adam Kijowski, Lilia Bottomley display their Inductee Plaques

          Grandmaster Winokur 7 time Hall of Fame Inductee displays the 2017 "Pioneer Award" He was the 1st Inductee from Kansas City in 2007, Pictured below Hall of Fame Classic Tournament Results

                 *   * 

Hall of Fame Classic Tournament Results,  Joel Storm & Adam Kijowski both won 3 -1st place Gold Medals, & make our school "Wall of Fame"   more pics asap

The 41st Year!

  Tim Metcalf (Brown White Willow) 2nd Butterfly Knives, 2nd Willow form #5, did not spar

*Joel Storm (Brown White Willow) 1st Unicorn Sai, 1st Willow form #6, 1st Adv Sparring

  Scott L (Green Wing Chun) 1st Chum Kiu #2, did not do weapon, or sparring         

  Feher D (Chi Lu Chuan Blue) 1st Broadsword, 3rd Dragon, did not spar             

*Adam K (Chi Lu Chuan Orange) 1st Dbl Sticks, 1st Crane, 1st Beginning Sparring                                                                                                                      

* Seminars All Day Saturday 8 am - 4:30 pm Master Winokur is teaching Yi Gieh Kwan from 12-1pm




Saturday April 22, 2017

Grain Valley Karate Open Triple Crown


Hosted by Master Mark Long

Tournament Results: 2 competitors - 5 Awards & Triple Crown

Tim Metcalf (Willow Brown) 1st Weapons Straight Sword, 2nd Willow Form #5

Joel Storm (Willow Green) 1st Weapons Butterfly Knives, 1st Willow Form #5, 2nd Int Sparring,

& 2017 Triple Crown Award (Won 3 times 1st place in 3 tournaments)


Great Job! Tim and Joel the only competitors at this event,

Congratulations Joel on winning 2017 Triple Crown Award!

Thanks to Tate for MCMAC Team support and pics 



Saturday April 1, 2017

St. Jude Children's Hospital Benefit Tournament

Hosted by Master Pam Johansen

Event Results: 2 Competitors - 6 Awards presnted

Joel Storm (Willow Green Sash) 1st Butterfly Knives, 1st Willow #5,  1st Int Sparring

Adam K (Chi Lu Chuan Yellow Sash) 1st Staff, 3rd Leopard, 2nd Beg Sparring


Great Job competitors from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center,

Joel Storm, and Adam Kijowski both won 3 awards and make our schools "Wall of Fame"


March 11, 2017

21st ASKC Championships Tournament

Tournament Results: 4 Competitors - 6 Awards

Michelle Kelley (Chi Lu Chuan Brown Sash) 2nd Tiger Broadsword

Tim Metcalf (White Willow Brown Sash) 1st Tiger Fork     

Joel Storm (Chi Lu Chuan Green Sash) 1st Sickles, 2nd Dragon/Crane, 1st Int Sparring

Adam K (Chi Lu Chuan Yellow Sash) 2nd Staff Form 1

                                                                                                        Joel Storm won 3 Awards and makes the school "Wall of Fame"

* Congratulations MCMAC Team, (Right to Left, Joel Storm, Michelle Kelley, Adam Kijowski,

and Tim Metcalf) Thank you to spectators and competitors from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center



Saturday February 18, 2017 -- 18th Annual KC Challenge Tournament

Tournament Results:   6 Competitors  -  13 Awards presented

~ 2017 KC Challenge Tournament Competitors ~

Michelle Kelley (Chi Lu Chuan Brown Sash) 1st Tiger Broadsword, 1st Tiger/Crane Form

Tim Metcalf (Willow Brown Sash) 2nd Adv Weapons Tiger Fork, 2nd Adv Forms Willow Form #7

Joel Storm (Chi Lu Chuan Green Sash) 1st Weapons Straight Sword, 1st Dragon/Crane Form, 3rd Sparring

Adam Kijowski (Chi Lu Chuan Yellow Sash) 1st Weapons Staff 1, 1st Crane Form, 1st Beg Sparring

David Cohavi (Chi Lu Chuan White Sash) 4th Leopard, 1st Beg Sparring * 1st Time Competitor

Hadas Cohavi (Willow White Sash) 3rd Willow Pole in Adv Division  * 1st Time Competitor    


Pictured from Right to Left, Hadas Cohavi, David Cohavi,

Michelle Kelley, Joel Storm, Master Scott Winokur, Sifu Leslie Goad, and one knee Tim Metcalf

Adam K not in picture won 3 - 1st place trophies, and makes the school "Wall of Fame"

Great Job Students from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center,

Thanks to Sifu Leslie, and Thank You! To all of our parents, 

                                               fellow students and friends for your support at this year's event!                                                  


Saturday February 4, 2017

Annual Chinese New Year Dinner and Awards Ceremony


more pictures asap


January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster




December 15, 2016

Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center featured in the KC Jewish Chronicle




December 3, 2016

32nd Winter Kickout

Tournament Results: 4 Competitors - 10 Awards & "Jerry Lemmon Sportsmanship award"   

2016 Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center Team

Joel S., & Adam K., Each Won 3 Awards in the same event & make the school "Wall of Fame"

                                                                                  more pics & video asap!                                                       MCMAC Group Pic        Joel S   Adam K

                                                                                          Above Grand Master Winokur with MCMAC Team, (Right to Left) Master Winokur, Joel S., Adam K.,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tim M., & Michelle K. , display their awards.                                                                                                                                                      Joel S, and Adam K with 3 Awards each to earn a place on our schools "Wall of Fame"

~ Tim M (Willow Brown) 2nd Straight Sword, 2nd Willow Form #7

~ Michelle K (8 Animal Brown) 3rd Tiger Broadsword, 3rd Tiger/Crane, "Jerry Lemmon Award"

~ Joel S (Willow Green) 1st Willow Butterfly Knives, 1st Willow Form #5, 2nd Int Sparring

~ Adam K ( 8 Animal Yellow) 1st Leopard, 1st Staff, 1st Beg Sparring


Great Job MCMAC Competitors, Pictures by Sifu Leslie Goad,

Thanks to all who attended event and supported our team!



September 10, 2016

34th Jill Leikers Midwest Open


4 Competitors - 8 Trophies Awarded   4 -1st Place, 4 - 2nd Place Trophies


~Tim M (Willow Brown Sash(SR) 2nd Straight Sword, 2nd White Willow #7

~Feher (8 Animal Orange Sash) 1st Dbl Sticks, 1st Crane

~Adam (8 Animal White Sash) 1st Sword (creative), 1st Leopard

~Allen (Willow White Sash(SR) 2nd Willow #1 traditional. 2nd Willow #1 creative division


2016 Winners from Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center

* Congratulations to our team of Tim M, Feher B, Adam K, & Allen W. Both Adam & Allen 1st time competitors

      more pics asap

Tim, Feher, Adam, Master Winokur         Tim M                Allen W                 


* Great Job students and instructors for MCMAC, thanks to Sifu Leslie for shooting the video, and our spectators who came out to support our school team!



July 23,24, Legends of Kung Fu Tournament - Dallas Texas

1 Competitor - 1 3rd Place Bronze Medal Straight Sword 35+ Division

Tim M White Willow Brown Sash with Promoter Master Jimmy Wong

Congratulations to Tim M (54 yrs young) (White Willow Brown Sash)  who won a Bronze Medal

with Straight Sword Adv Division 35 +, in Dallas, Texas all Chinese Style's Kung Fu Tournament


July 12, 2016


Master Winokur demonstrated Shaolin Kung Fu, Chinese Weapons, and instructs campers in the finer points of Kung Fu at TLC Summer Camp in Overland Park, KS - Master Winokur & Tate M (pic 2)


Saturday July 9, 2016 Sunflower State Games - Topeka, Kansas


Joel S. Wearing 4 - 1st Place Medals in Forms & Weapons, Joel S. Won 1st Int Sparring


Congratulations to Joel S., who won 5 Gold Medals at the same event! Thank you to Tate who drove, took pictures and videotaped competition.


June 2016

Iron Palm 6 Week Workshop


                                                                                    Level 1 Training                              Level 4 Training

Iron Palm Training is special training to condition hands:, palms, back of hands, and fist's.

These techniques and breathing exercises can be taught to anyone over 18 yrs old, who has passed Introduction Level of any program,

and willing to follow training rules, and directions of instructor.



June 19, 2016

1 Competitor - 5 Trophies

Joel Storm

1st Willow Broadsword, 1st Willow Butterfly Knives, 

1st Hung Gar Tiger, 2nd White Willow form #3, 2nd Intermediate Sparring

Congratulations to Joel S, who won 5 Trophies at Hall of Fame Classic Tournament!

Great Job! Thank you to Tate M, who drove Joel to the Hall of Fame Classic, representing our school. 


April 2016

See Master Winokur from the Beginning (click below to see video)


https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=nFdXWRZD2as


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