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Master Winokur's specialty is Shaolin Chin Na (seize and control, the hidden art of kung fu), Chinese Chin Na makes use of (jointlocking, pressure point and nerve striking ), it also concentrates on cavity pressing as well as sealing veins/arteries) it is similar to it's other counter parts Japanese Ju Jitsu, Korean Hap Kido, and Okinawans Tui Te. All these use joint manipulation, and or vital point striking arts hidden in forms, (Chinese Kuen, Japanese/Okinawan Kata, and Korean HaYung), all contain techniques both revealed as well as hidden. Self- defense movements from all styles of traditional martial arts could make use of the manipulation of the joints, the striking or grabbing of vital (lethal & non-leathal) pressure points, whether the practitioner is aware of it or not. Traditional Kung fu Training includes Healing Arts see more.

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Master Winokur was a dedicated student, disciple, instructor, and master presenting unusual forms, and exotic weapons forms in many major tournaments for decades until producing his own students, and Instructors, to carry on the traditions and represent his school Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center. Based on his numerous teachings, profound memory and skill of forms/weapons/applications several of his instructors have gone on to found their own schools, and have their own students, and pass on the extensive Chinese arts he learned to the next generations of dedicated, and deserving students and instructors completing the ancient cycle of instructor to student.

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Si Gung Winokur also fought in both tournaments and ring fighting (Kickboxing, San Da, San Shou, and Shuai Chiao), for many years before the birth of his children when he retired from fighting. He was given several fighting names from many different instructors such as: Wildman Winokur - (look picture below), Crazy Train, Scott the Spectre, The Mad Hatter, Captain Caveman, Daddy Longlegs, and Lightning Legs (when he was younger). Of all his fights he retired with a fighting record of 17 and 4 of 22 fights with 6 K.O's. Master Winokur has also produced several skilled fighters who still compete today.

He also was a familiar face on the National tournament scene, mostly the Chinese Events for the last 25 years. He is a National and International Level Judge, and has helped Judge in many, many martial arts events around the USA. Master Winokur is frequently asked to demonstrate (usually his practical Chin Na, or Chinese Weapons), teach a workshop, lecture on a variety of subjects, or bring his demo team and 2-Person fighting sets to preform at tournaments and other important events.

Si Gung Winokur has trained and been exposed to so many different martial arts over the last 40+ years. He has attended classes (many private lessons) and in groups, workshops, lectures, and seminars from some of the most famous and skilled Master's, Grandmaster's, Sifu's, and Sensei's, in the US. Here is a small list of some of the more known, this is by no means the complete list of talented instructors who have helped him get this far, and thanks them all for their knowledge, time, and patience.

Grandmaster C.F. Tong -Northern Shaolin Kung fu, Southern Shaolin (Sil Lum) kung fu, Chin Na-Acupuncture/acupressure, Anmo, and Tui Na Massage, Weapons, Shuai Chiao, San Shou fighting, Throws, Sweeps, Take downs, Locks and finishing Chin Na holds, Lung Lum Pai - Dragon Style Kung Fu & Weapons, Indonesian Silat, Archipelgo Islands Arnis-Eskrima, & more...

31st Shaolin Monk & 8th Generation Wudang Master Professor Yu Zheng Liu - Shaolin Chin Na, San Da, applications, JinJu/Acupressure points, San Da/San Shou Throws, Takedowns, Locks, and Finishing holds

Chin Na move "Tiger Rides the Bear" Professor Liu gives his signature

Grandmaster Henry Look - Hsing Yi Dragon, Baqua (Dragon, Bagqua Stick), Tai Chi & Chi Kung principles & Shaolin concepts

Grandmaster Ho Yin Chung - 7 Star Praying Mantis concepts - Mantis closing principles, sticking to attacker More Info

Grandmaster Ying Bo Wang - Yang Tai Chi, Acupuncture points & principles, some practical More Info

Master Randy K. Li - Yang Family Tai Chi - Yip Man Wing Chun More Info

Master Ken Solomon - Southern Shaolin Gung fu, 5 Pattern Hung Kuen, Arnis, Yi Tao Gung Fu, Weapons

Master Michael Lam - Yip Man Wing Chun & Weapons

Master Sam Lim - 5 Family 5 Animal Style Kung fu & Weapons from Ark Y. Wong

Sifu Joe Hall - 5 Family 5 Animal Style & Weapons from Ark Y. Wong

Sijo/Si Tai Gung Robert Sprackland - Yi Tao Gung Fu (the Way of Least Resistance)

Sifu Terri Morgan (Xing Li) - Hsing Yi Chuan Principles, Hsing Yi Chuan Moving drills (Sun Lu Tang Style)

More Instructor's Not listed but Important to my evolution as a Martial Artist...

Other Styles or Systems Si Gung Winokur has learned

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