* Xing Yong Chi Lu Chuan Kung Fu Philosophy


Shaolin Chi Lu Chuan 8 Animal Kung Fu Philosophy

Leopard: Build Strength of Stance and Speed of Hands for Blocking.....more click here

Crane: Build Steadiness of Stance and Accurcy of Strikes.....more click here

Dragon: Unity of Mind and Body - Connects Conscious Mind with Sub Conscious Mind.....more click here

Tiger: Build Bones of the Body and increases Muscles Strength, Controls Emotions.....more click here

Praying Mantis: Develops Patience, Hand/Eye Coordination, Increases Speed of Kicks and Strikes.....more click here

Snake: Increase Awarness and Chi Cultivation, Enhances Sensitivity, Increases Breath Control.....more click here

Monkey: Increase Flexibility, Increase Deception Skills, Understand Closing Distance Principles.....more click here

Eagle: Learn Body Mechanics, Learn and Develop Pressure Point Combinations, Strengthen Hands.....more click here


Number Concepts 1-9

# 1

1) Yourself (outside) = 1.....more click here

2) Yourself (inside) = 1.....more click here

3) The Sun = 1.....more click here

4 The Moon =1.....more click here

# 2

1) Heaven and Earth = 2.....more click here

2) Yin and Yang = 2.....more click here

3) Day and Night = 2.....more click here

4) Male and Female = 2.....more click here

# 3

1) Bio Physical, Meta Physical, Quantum Physical = 3 Levels .....more click here

2) Conscious, Sub Conscious, Super Conscious = 3 Levels .....more click here

3) Peace, Unity, Respect = 3 Level .....more click here

4) Knowledge, Wisdom, Understaning = 3 Levels .....more click here

# 4

1) Learn the Pattern, Know the Pattern, Understand the Form, Master the Form = 4 - (Mastery is a Road not a Destination)..more click here

2) Four Directions in Nature - East, West, South, North = 4 - and the Center.....more click here

3) Four Fingers on the Human Hand = 4 - and one Thumb.....more click here

4) Four Seasons of the Year = 4 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.....more click here

# 5

1) The Elements of the Nature (Western) Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit = 5.....more click here

2) The Elements of the Nature (Eastern) Wood, Fire, Water, Earth, Metal = 5.....more click here

3) The Human Senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, See, Hear = 5.....more click here

4) The Outer Pairs: Eyes, Ears, Breasts, Nostrils, Buttocks.....more click here

4B) The Inner Organs: Brain, Lungs, Adrenal glands, Kidneys, Tecticle/Ovaries.....more click here

# 6

1) The Set of Acupuncture Meridians (Yin Organs).....more click here

2) The Set of Acupuncture Merdians (Yang Organs)......more click here

3) The Natural directions of G-d (Before you, Behind you, at your right, at your left, Above you, Below you)


# 7

1) The Colors of the Rainbow

2) The Day in a Week

3) The Sea's (Oceans) of the Planet Earth (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Mediterean, Baltic, Black, Caspian)

4) The Wonders of this World

* The Natural directons of G-d should include Inside you = 7 (Before you, Behind you, at your right, at your left, Above you, Below you, and inside you)

* Man-Woman + Creation of Life (Child) = 7


# 8

1) The Number of Times a Snake Shed it's Skin Per Year

2) It takes 8 Minutes for the Suns Rays to reach the Earth

3) There are 8 Animals in our Main Style Chi Lu Chuan-Baat Ying Ga

4) Our Human Arm ( the Intellect part, Emotional part, Action part- & the 5 Senses combined)


# 9

1) The Number of Planets in our Solar System (Mercury, Mars, Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

2) The Human Gates ( this is secret information so I wont reveal it here)

3) The Number of Major Direct Accu-pressure points/meridians we use for self defense or for healing



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