*** Shimson Krav Maga




Shimshon Krav Maga is a modern and progressive adaptation of Krav Maga. Traditional Krav Maga was created in the late 1940’s by Imi Lictenfeld. After relocating to Israel in 1948, he became the first Chief Instructor for the IDF - Israel Defense Forces School of Combat Fitness. Krav Maga translated from Hebrew means - “Contact Combat”. This direct no-nonsense aggressive style of martial arts concentrates on using a barrage of attack and counter-attacking techniques in real-life scenarios.

Krav Maga effectively uses many ranges of defense, but prefers close quarter combat. This style of fighting virtually eliminates the use of kicking attacks and utilizes a wide variety of hand maneuvers, locks, throws, takedowns, and compliance holds. Krav Maga is primarily taught to Military, Military Police, FBI, Sheriff, and other Law Enforcement Officers due to its effectiveness in defensive combat with maximum results and minimum effort.

For the first time Master Winokur has been teaching this version to the public to ensure everyone young and old have the ability to effectively defend themselves against attackers. Please contact us, Winter 2015 classes now enrolling in Overland Park location.



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