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Xing Yong Chi Lu Chuan (Qi Lu Quan) is a Shaolin Style using 8 Animals (Baat Ying Ga), descended from the styles taught by the Shaolin monks of China. Kung Fu, which means "achievement through effort," was originally a form of exercise much like yoga. It was developed by a monk named Damo (Bodhidharma in Sanskrit) in order to condition the body, mind and spirit in preparation for enlightenment. Damo's original creation, the eighteen Lo Han movements, was a response to the poor physical condition in which he found the monks. Years later, around AD 520, two monks from the San Song Shaolin Temple expanded the system into 170 movements.

In developing these movements, the monks were inspired by their fellow creatures: the tiger, dragon, leopard, crane, and snake. Chi Lu Chuan utilizes all five of these animal forms, as well as three developed later; the monkey, praying mantis, and eagle.

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The Leopard
The Crane
The Dragon
The Tiger
The Snake
The Praying Mantis
The Monkey
The Eagle


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