Below are the various weapons that Si Gung Xing Yong Scott Winokur teaches along with some information about each one. Click Here info paragraph on Weapons

Weapons Categories Consist of Long Weapons,

Short Single/Double Handed Weapons,

and Flexible Weapons.

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We Offer Below

43 Total

6' Staff Double Escrima Sticks
Luk Kun
Six Foot Double Ended Staff
Double Escrima Sticks
Single Broadsword Double Broadswords
Dan Dau
Single Broadsword
Cern Dau
Double Broadswords
Double Snake Halberd Double Axes
Shuang Shi Ghi
Double Snake Halberd
Double Snake Tongue Axes
Kwan Dao
Kwan Dao
Wu Dip Dau
Kung Fu Butterfly Knives
Monkey King Long Pole Sword and Dagger
Hou Ch'uan Baat Kun
Monkey King Long Pole (8' staff)
Straightsword and Dagger
3 Section Staff Horse Bench
Shan Gieh Kwan
Three Section Staff
Horse Bench
Nine Ring Dragon Kwan Dao Da Shao Tzu
Nine Ring Dragon Kwan Dao
Da Shao Tzu
Long Sweeper
Leopard Rings Yi Gi Kwan
Pao Shou Huan
Leopard Rings
Yi Gieh Kwan
Two-Section Staff
Double Straight Swords Steel Fan
Double Straight Swords
Steel Fan
Daggers Executioner's Sword
Sword Ring Daggers
Pak Dau
Executioner's Sword
Tiger Fork Tonfas
Tai Pa
Tiger Fork
Long Stick Axe Fire Wheels
Long stick Axe
Wind-Fire Wheels
Snake Halberd Straight Sword
Single Sided Snake Halberd
Straight Sword (Gim Dau)
Melonball Hammers Iron Needles
Melon Ball Hammers
Iron Needles
Chinese Sai Flute
Chinese Sai/Gen
Abbott Sceptre Single Ended Pole/Staff
Abbott Sceptre
Single Ended Pole/Staff
Red Tassle Spear Nan Dau
Red Tassle Spear
Southern Butterfly Broadsword (Nan Dau)
Cane  (Gui Ger)
3 section Whip 7 section Whip 9 section Whip
3 Section Whip
7 Section Whip
9 Section Whip
Monk Spade Double Hook Swords
Yueh Yar Chan
Monk Spade
Double Hook Swords
Sword and Shield Kamas
Sword and Shield
Pu Dau - Horse Leg Cutter
Single Sided Snake Tongue Halberd
Long Sword
Monkey Rope

Long Straight Sword

Unicorn Sai -
Lung Da Dau 9 Rings Broadsword




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