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Kiddie Kung Fu 4 & 5 year olds

This award winning program was created by Master Scott Winokur and has been taught since 1997 in the Greater Kansas City Area at numerous Montesorri Pre-Schools, local Heath and Fitness Clubs, Churches, Synogogues, and at several Hospitals. Kiddie Kung fu is specially designed for the needs of most 4 & 5 years old kids. Kiddie Kung fu will concentrate on: Hand/eye coordination, increased physical fitness, increased flexibility, it helps develop attention skills, will increase memory retention, and is a lot of fun. Several empty hand forms that mimic Shaolin Animals: Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Crane, Leopard, and Dragon, will develop many physical, emotional, and mental, characteristics. The kids are learning valuable skills and will not realize what they are really learning, we teach them Shaolin kung fu, history, Chinese Cultural, and to speak some Chinese words. The will learn some self defense techniques on the Muk Jong (wooden man dummy) for arm conditioning, better concentration, precise movements, and focus, as well as doing something on their own. In addition we teach them to sit quietly and listen to what is around them (mediation or focusing exercise). Shaolin Kung fu is learned in two ways 1) Watching with your eyes, 2) Listening with your ears, we tell them if they are talking they cant be listening etc. In the Kansas City area a few of my Black Level Instructor are authorized to teach this program, check Branch Instructors page if Headquarters school is not in your area. We like to teach this program in 8 week sessions, but we also can teach in monthly classes. (this is 1/2 class offered 4 classes per month (Sunday only) - or 8 classes = $125 for 8 weeks with a Free Uniform), by the month class fees are $60 per student = 4 -1/2 hour classes) Spring/Summer session forming NOW call HQ School asap for availability... NEW CLASS starts Sunday May 3, 09 from 3:30 - 4 :00 pm

Muk Jong Wooden Dummies

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