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Starting our 30th year teaching with over 40 years of Martial Arts Experience

Chi Lu Chuan Style Wing Chun Trapping and Intercepting Dragon Willow Tai Chi Chi Lu Chuan 8 Animal Chi Lu Chuan 8 Animal

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2007 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee

Waldo's Best Property Award 2006

2013 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award



Grand Master Winokur Receives Grand Master of Chinese Martial Arts, from USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame June 2015

Grand Master Winokur Receives the Goodwill Ambassador of Kansas City Award, from USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame June 2015


                                                            Grand Master Scott Winokur receives the Pioneer of Martial Arts Award

                                                                                  from the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame July 2017

Sifu Xing Yong Scott Winokur founded the Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center in 1992. He started teaching in his yard and at community centers in 89-90. Monday-Thurs 6-9 pm, & Sunday Kids (all ages)12:15-1pm, and - Adults 1-2 pm, -8100 Marty Suite 101, 66204 (Across from Matt Ross Community Center, and in Overland Park Professional Building, North door) or in South Kansas City, Missouri Private Lessons Only (Call for location), (various programs offered *see classes), we also offer Daytime Classes, and private training in Overland Park, KS, or South Kansas City, Our mailing address is PO Box 8401 Kansas City, MO 64114, All group classes are still run in a semi-private or private fashion. Classes now forming call asap... Limited Space, if you wish to train in one of our exciting programs.. Please Call for Appointment.

We still offer exciting public demonstrations for group events, corporate / business seminars, workshops, as well as private classes in Krav Maga, Tai Chi, Women's Defense Tactics, R.A.T.T. Combat Self-Defense System, Weapons Training, or other styles Master Winokur knows, by special arrangement. Private training various locations in Overland Park, Kansas, or Greater Kansas City Area. Master Winokur will come to your home or office to teach you (days only Mon-Fri). We also have lunch & learn classes, some weekdays only, ask us for additonal information. Those dedicated, loyal, students wishing to train with Master Winokur, Please call Headquarters 816-226-7047, or email us at, we will only accecpt serious minded students... "Taste the sweetness of our Tea, explore the endless possibilities" Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center offers, Our school only has limited openings, does not accecpt all candidates that apply, we reserve the right to teach only the most dedicated individuals, that meet our standards and have high moral and ethical behavior.


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* Master Winokur offers classes suitable for all ages. Below you will find many different classes for many popular disciplines, however,

Master Winokur also stresses the importance of No-Strength Self Defense for Women and children. Free seminars for women's self defense are offered every three to four months at various locations in Greater KC area.   Ask us for additional info or how to host your own seminar at your work, Church, School, or Synogogue

If you would like to host a women's self defense seminar or any type of workhop/seminar on a variety of topics please contact our Headquarters school at (816)226-7047 or email us at (Master Winokur has conducted numerous lectures, demonstations, workshops, and seminars, across the USA, as well as written articles for publication) click here for Press and Media) click here Lectures and Demos

*Master Winokur offers discounts for police officers, fire-fighters, military personnel, and others who serve our community, Please ask! In addition, we also offer discounts for seniors (55+). Please see the class descriptions below or contact the school for more details. email or call HQ 816-226-7047


Various differernt programs offered at Midwest Chinese Martial Arts Center, see current updated schedule, please call for an appointment!

We offer different classes for adults such as: Click here to watch Video Clips

We offer different classes for kids:

  Master Winokur teaching kids classes

We also have a kick boxing / sparring class, both for tournament (continuous and point fighting) and to learn to use your animal form or weapon to fight.

* Video Clips Click Here

Sparring / Fighting Styles:

     call for more info...

In addition we teach specialty classes, such as:

Weapons training consists of long, short single-hand, double and flexible weapons:



* Want to see More ... Go Now to Weapons Page  Master Winokur teaches more than 30 Chinese Weapons!

We also offer exciting seminars each month to supplement your training including unusual weapons.


If you are interested in training with Sifu Winokur, please call us at (816) 226-7047, (we are teaching All Programs in Overland Park, KS) and make an appointment to try a free class. You'll get information about our wide variety of fun, exciting classes and flexible schedule, see the many different styles Master Winokur teaches (click other styles button, or symbols at top of page) and the 30 + Chinese Weapons that we teach. As well as to have the opportunity to ask questions about our curriculum, we are here to educate, and inform the public of the values and traditons of Shaolin Kung Fu, and other various styles taught. After 26 years teaching in Missouri, Master Winokur now teaches mostly in Overland Park, Kansas, and private Lessons in South Kansas City, Missouri please call for location for private Missouri classes, visit us in Overland Park Studio, Email, or call for additional information (email to or call 816-226-7047

Please contact us at Overland Park Location 8100 Marty Suite 101, 66204 (Overland Park Professional Buildind) please call 816-226-7047, for appointment. Master Winokur is offering 7 Different programs and private instruction at Overland Park location, call, or email for additional information. Now acecpting a few new students for our Wide Variety of Programs. Classes for both kids and adults in OP Building, (Call/Email Now, New On-going classes forming, call, or email, for appointment!